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Kim Wilson

Researcher, Sr. Lecturer at The Fletcher School

Kim Wilson is Sr. Lecturer at The Fletcher School, while also serving on the board of the Hitachi Center for Technology and International Affairs.

Prior to joining Fletcher in 2005, she was Program Director for Catholic Relief Services (CRS) in South Asia as well as Global Director for Microfinance. Since joining Fletcher she has consulted widely to organizations like CGAP at the World Bank, United Nations Development Fund and many international NGOs.

With funding from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, she launched the Fletcher Leadership Program in Financial Inclusion, a nine month program designed for financial regulators. While at Fletcher, she has taught courses in market approaches to development, financial inclusion, human security, poverty and development, and qualitative research methods. She has co-edited and authored books on microfinance and more recently has published on the financial aspects of transcontinental migration.

Funds from GiZ, Open Society Foundations, the International Rescue Committee and Catholic Relief Services have allowed her to launch The Journeys Project - a web portal showcasing her own research and that of fellow masters and Ph.D. students on the financial journeys of transcontinental migrants and refugees.

Kim Wilson
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