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In Nigeria, we interviewed in Hausa, Yoruba and Igbo languages. In this video, you will listen to one of four skits in Hausa language.

Language: Hausa


Fraud - Impersonation

Other themes in Nigeria:


Physical Damages of Mobile Banking

Unreliable Money Transactions


In Kenya, we interviewed in Kalenjin, Swahili, Luo and Turkana languages. In this video, you will listen to one of six skits in Luo language.

Language: Luo


Digital Financial Services' Worries

Other themes in Kenya:



Content Visibility

Creepiness (Data Privacy)



In India, we interviewed in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu languages. In this video, you will listen to one of six skits in Hindi language.

Language: Hindi


Cybersecurity - Scams

Other themes in India:


Content Visibility

Cybersecurity (Stolen photos)

Digital Financial Services' Worries

Social Media Business

About the skits

Why did we use the skits?

We incorporated skits into our research methodology to uncover insights from low-income individuals regarding their awareness of digital risks and the precautions, if any, they might take to mitigate these risks. By using skits, we allowed respondents to reflect deeply on digital philosophies, offering a more nuanced understanding compared to conventional surveys.

How well did they work?

The skits, delivered in local languages by experienced voice actors, proved highly effective. Participants not only enjoyed this but also actively engaged in discussions on serious issues. Themes such as fraud and misinformation resonated with participants, many of whom had personal experiences or knew someone affected by these challenges


How were the themes defined?

The selection of skit topics was contextualized to each country, addressing the specific digital concerns prevalent in that region. For example, in Kenya, the focus was on Digital Financial Services, while in India, content visibility emerged as a major issue. Overall, the skits successfully facilitated in-depth exploration of digital issues and provided a platform for participants to share their perspectives.

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