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Understanding digital lives

We use tech-led methods to get deep insights into how the poor use digital solutions through surveys that listen to respondents in their own languages

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A digital portfolio

Pioneered by social research firm Decodis, digital portfolios leverage high-powered, scalable and low-cost research methods to listen to the poor in their own language and in their own voice. The resulting digital portfolios provide deep insights to help unveil the way people use their digital ecosystem to thrive – and where gender gaps lie. Answering questions about how the poor use digital technologies – and whether they recognize the benefits and risks inherent in their growing digital footprint – can inform decision makers and equitable product design.

Interviewing with skits

We incorporated skits into our research methodology, delivered in local languages and by experienced voice actors, to dive into digital topics and philosophies that respondents might struggle to express.


This project is

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Leir Institute

Our field partners

Swahili Pot
Gram Vaani
Visions Magnet
Learning Lions
Broadsperk Consulting
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